Friday, May 30, 2008



Ever dream of quitting your job, dumping everything and just go globetrotting for a year or more? I did. Bet you did and so did loads of others. For me, this was more of a dream than reality. But now, this dream has become a reality. I have taken the first step by quitting my job. Now I am counting down to the last days at work and preparing for the big trip less than a month away.
Everyone around me said I am brave to do so. Especially since I will be going with ME, MYSELF and I. Brave? I don't think so. Got guts? Nah... I just think I am crazy. Who in the right mind will throw away their dream job and make themselves eat grass for a year? Yours truly. The doubts started creeping in after I handed in my resignation letter. But heck! If I don't do this now, when will I do it? When I am old and cannot even walk, skip or run? Like what the Nike ad says, JUST DO IT.

伟 wei