Tuesday, December 9, 2008

捷克/Czech Republic (Part 3)

Telc is actually a carbon copy of Cesky Krumlov, equally small in size, similarly surrounded by water, with the same type of tranquil surroundings and tons of 16th century buildings. It’s a pity though that I arrived in mid September, way past the peak season. There were no buskers on the streets, no rafts or canoes to be seen in the waters, neither can you see people splashing about in the ponds. On top of that, the weather was so cold that my fingers started freezing within minutes of me sitting in the town square to use the laptop, as such, there was hardly anyone walking about.

Even the castle which is usually crowded is devoid of tourists, with the only visitors being Czechs from other region and this lone Singaporean. 我入住的民宿主人就告诉我,我去的前一个星期,天气还很热,有35度那么高,所以还有不少的游客。可是前几天气温下降,现在只有区区的1度,大家当然是有多远避多远,所以我也就无法像其他游客那样享受到特尔曲的美。如果你有机会在夏天来到捷克,千万不要忘了来特尔曲一趟。
The lady owner of the pension I was staying at told me that, just the week before, the temperature was as high as 35 degrees. However, the temperature dropped sharply, with the thermometers hitting as low as 1 degree just the day before I arrived, so all the crowd has disappeared. If you ever do come to Czech Republic in the summer, make sure you drop by Telc and check out the beauty of this sweet little town. *奥洛穆茨/Ollomouc
Olomouc (pronounced ‘Olla-moats’) is a large university town (the university here is the second oldest in Czech Republic), as such, there is a youthful feel to the whole place. But as in the rest of Czech Republic, you can still find signs of “age” here, like the old astronomical clock with intricate designs, which is second in fame to the one in Prague. 虽然这里没有什么漂亮的城堡,也没有克鲁姆洛夫或特尔曲那样有味道,但奥洛穆茨四周有不少老建筑和教堂。
Although you will not find ancient castles here, nor is it as charming as Cesky Krumlov or Telc, Olomouc does have many ancient buildings, statues and churches.这里还有一个博物馆(星期天免费!),里面的展示非常有趣,值得一去!  ~伟
There is an interesting museum here (free on Sunday!), which is worth a visit.  ~wei

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果然十分冷清。。 but good what, you can have the whole town to yourself :P