Friday, September 11, 2009

克罗地亚/Croatia(Part 2)

From Split, one can take a ferry to one of the many off shore islands. I chose to go to Hvar, which is actually one of the tourist hotspots in Croatia. However, since it was November by the time I got to Croatia, there was no crowd to be seen. In fact, there was only few people walking around and most of the shops were closed, making this place feel like a ghost town. 入住的民宿坐落在市中心的后山上,距离中心和海港有一定的距离。好在民宿提供免费接送,因此不必扛着大背包爬上山去。虽然要到市中心去得走20分钟,可是好处是这里风景幽美,还可以欣赏到漂亮的日落。
One of the budget guesthouses that was still open was this one that is located on the hills behind the town square. Naturally, it will take one some time to get from town to the guesthouse, but luckily the guesthouse provides free pick-ups from the jetty, so I did not have to lug my huge backpack up the hills. The pros of staying here is that, not only can you get a good view of the whole town, you get to see some great sunsets too. 赫瓦尔没有所谓的新镇或古镇,整个市镇给人的感觉比斯普利特的古镇还要有“古老”的味道。而尤其是在晚上,无人的广场在灯的照亮下显得格外的凄美。
There is no such thing as old or new town in Hvar. In fact, the whole town gives one even more of an Old Town feel than that of the Old Town in Split. And at night, when the whole town is bathed in lights but absolved of people, it is simply beautiful. 既然是个小岛,赫瓦尔周围自然都是水,这也是它受游客欢迎的主要原因。这里的海水干净又清澈,一年四季阳光普照,即使是在冬天,气温也不会太低,还是可以下水,因此我也就有机会享受难得的日光浴。
Since it is an island, Hvar is of course surrounded on all sides by waters. This of course is the main reason why this is such a popular destination for holiday makers. The waters here are clean and clear, always looking inviting. With the sun shining the whole year round, you can plunge into the waters even in the midst of winter (although the water IS slightly cold!). As such, I was able to plonk myself on the beach and enjoy a bit of a suntan, even though it was already November. 赫瓦尔还有个堡垒,和一般堡垒一样这个堡垒就在山上,从这里可以看到赫瓦尔全部的风貌。堡垒虽然不是很大,但有个监牢,而且还保留得跟原有的一样,挺有趣的。
There is a fort here in Hvar located in the hills behind the town (where else?). From here, you get an even better view of the town than from the guesthouse. Although the fort itself is not that big, it is pretty much kept as how it was, and there is even a prison here, complete with shackles!


evan said...

hey, one of your pics look like the acropolis! :O

没看见半个人影 in your photos, 果然是 ghost town. But better like this than packed!

Anonymous said...

Is this the end of your travel? Did you manage to cover Africa and South America?


wei said...

No. This was not the end of my travels. I traveled all the way down to South Africa via land/sea, no flying. Ran out of money and so had to cut out plans for South America. Flew to Europe to visit friends, and then back to Asia. Altogether, 17 months, 40 countries. Stopped writing due to various reasons, but am now writing a book about this trip. :)