Friday, September 11, 2009

克罗地亚/Croatia(Part 3)

From Hvar, I headed further south to Dubrovnik. Just like the journey from Mostar to Split, this ride was mostly along the coast. This time round, the weather was good and I was able to enjoy the stunning view to my heart’s content. 杜布罗夫尼克是另一个靠海的城市,自然让人很容易就爱上它,像我到的第一天就看到非常漂亮的日落。
Dubrovnik is another coastal city hence it is easy to fall in love with it. On the first day I was there, I managed to catch a great sunset, which was definitely a good introduction to the place. 可惜的是,原本就已经有的感冒决定在这个时候“爆发”,结果接下来几天除了旅舍外,哪儿都不能去。待病稍微有起色时,已经一个星期了,是时候再度上路,结果只能花一天的时间游杜布罗夫尼克。这真的很可惜,因为杜布罗夫尼克其实是个很漂亮的城市,应该说是几个克罗地亚城市中我最喜欢的。
Unfortunately, the flu that I have been carrying with me for a month chose to wreck havoc at this time, and the next few days I could only stay put in the room and go nowhere else. By the time I was able to leave the room to go for a walk, it was almost one week later and time for me to head to the next destination, meaning I only had one day to walk around town. It was such a pity because Dubrovnik is actually a very nice place. In fact, I’d say it is the city I loved most among those I’ve visited in Croatia. 杜布罗夫尼克的古镇绝对是克罗地亚的几个古镇中最有味道的一个。首先,这里的城墙保存的相当完美。虽然游城墙需要付费,但你可以沿着城墙游整个古镇一圈,走一圈需要两个小时,无论从哪个角落看,古镇本身或古镇以外的风貌都不一样,所以绝对物超所值。
Dubrovnik’s old town is definitely the one with the most character of those that I’ve visited in Croatia so far. First of all, there is a city wall surrounding the whole Old Town. Although you will need to pay an entrance fee, you can walk along the whole wall and take in a full view of the whole Old Town and its surroundings. A full circle of the Old Town takes a good two hours. And considering that no matter from which corner of the wall are you looking from, the town and surrounding scenery just looked different, this is definitely one city wall walk that is well worth your money. 绕着古镇走完一圈后,就到古镇内参观。这里到处是小商店或咖啡座或餐厅。慢慢“研究”这些小商店,或是坐在其中一家餐厅或咖啡座内喝杯下午茶是打发时间的好方法。当夜幕低垂时,大部分的游客都回到酒店去,整个古镇看起来冷清,但景色依旧美丽。
After going a full circle of the Old Town, it’s time to check out the inside of the town itself. Here you will find many small shops, cafes and restaurants, where one can easily while away one afternoon sipping coffee while people watching. The Old Town empties as night falls, and the streets become pretty deserted, but the town still looked as lovely as during the daytime.

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evan said...

Dubrovnik actually reminded me of Greece.. or the Greek islands to be exact. Borderless Aegean sea and the beautiful sunset