Thursday, June 4, 2009

斯洛文尼亚/Slovenia(Part 3)

*布莱德与波希涅/Bled and Bohinj
If you are heading to Slovenia for a tour, chances are other than Ljubljana, you will have Bled and Bohinj on your itinerary. These two towns are only about two to three hours drive from Ljubljana and both are lake towns, which make them popular tourists destinations.

Bohinj is located within a national park, and hence many people come here for hiking. This being the middle of October, it was of course too cold for us to go hiking. In the end, we just walk around the lake for a bit, before heading to the town nearby for some local food.
Of the two places, Bled is the more famous one. The main attraction here is the little island in the middle of the lake where you can find a church. In the summer, it is the IN thing to hire a boat and row yourself across the lake to visit the Assumption of Mary Pilgrimage Church and ring its bell for good luck.

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evan said...

I find landscapes in fall the most beautiful :)

but "Bled" 这个名字。。 {-_-"}